Behind the Blog

Meet your Community Coordinators!

We are the faces you see everyday: we are at meetings, we are at events, and on many occasions you will find us at your front door step! We are your neighbors and we work at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI).


We help complete the work from your ideas. We keep you updated on what is going on in The Village at Market Creek and surrounding communities, and always seek your input when upcoming projects come about. We do not speak for you; instead, we make sure your voice is heard by informing you of meetings and opportunities to get involved as we learn of them. Share with us what is going on in your groups and organizations — send us your community-related flyers, bulletins, and announcements. Help us spread the word about what’s going on in our community.

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What is the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation?

The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation is partnering with resident teams to bring about positive change in a community called the Diamond Neighborhoods in southeastern San Diego, California. Our mission, “Resident Ownership of Neighborhood Change,” is based on the philosophy that residents must envision and drive change in their community to make it meaningful and sustainable.

Together, we are working on a comprehensive development plan to transform 60 unused or underutilized acres into The Village at Market Creek, a vibrant community center and cultural destination in the heart of San Diego. A series of social enterprises, ultimately owned by residents, include a conference and community center, retail establishments, service providers, educational hubs, affordable housing, and a variety of marketplaces.

More information on JCNI can be found on our website